Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things Learned at BayCon 2013

  • Sometimes the breaking of the drivers’ door handle and your glasses is not a portent of doom. (just annoying inconvenience) 
  •  A morning person can get 3 night owls into a van, as long as it’s still dark out. 
  •  No room party means more room in the van.
  •  4 lady costumers, and their luggage barely fit in my van. 
  •  Harris Ranch is still tasty. 
  •  When 4 ladies drive, stopping, for any reason, is not a problem. 
  •  I am incapable of making dry ice “work” 
  •  If I bring food, no matter how tasty, I still will not eat it, and choose to buy food else where. 
  •  You can’t go home again. 
  •  I really, really, hate the sinks in the Hyatt. 
  •  Awww Wedding, and brownies. 
  • Solving (hahah) someone else's “boy troubles” was way more fun than dealing with my own ever was. I can be on a panel with Bonnie Burton and not make a complete fool of myself. 
  •  People Love Pinkie Pie. 
  •  The grass is always greener on the other side. 
  •  My need for kigurumi pajamas grows 
  •  If there is a panel I want to see, I will be on a panel against it, or even worse forget all about it. 
  •  My “Drunk Quest” does not bring all the boys to the yard. 
  •  I am a Sword and a Laser. 
  •  Comic book shoes and a dress with a Tardis on it, my new geek girl uniform. 
  •  Reminding someone you know them because they are in your WoW guild, is both awkward and awesome. 
  •  Sadly sometimes costumes are too much work, and geeky shirt will have to do. 
  • How can a 9am panel on Sunday be so full? 
  •  I found a Jamba Juice. Pink Starburst from the secret menu FTW! 
  •  Further adventures can be had outside of the Con. 
  •  I could never live in a house (no matter how adorable) between a Der Wienerschnitzel and a Fosters Freeze.  
  • Watching a child play Mine Craft makes me car sick 
  •  Korean Spa is the bestest things ever. 
  •  Korean shaved ice is the bestest thing ever. 
  • The last 2 hours of the drive home are still the worst.

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